WHO WE ARE: Our Vision - Our Mission

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a tree is known by its fruit

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells us that a tree is known by its fruit.  This is what we choose to be judged by as a school; the hard work we put into growing great young people and the way in which this bares fruit in their successes – both now and in the future. 

Our Vision is:

By promoting the traditional values of respectful behaviour, responsibility and forgiveness, we prepare our children for life in a global, multi-faith society.

By supporting all children to become independent thinkers and confident learners, we encourage curiosity, ambition and individuality. 

By providing focused, engaging and inclusive teaching we equip the children to lead their own learning in a supportive and challenging environment.


By actively promoting children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development with a strong focus on Christian values, our Mission is:

To create responsible citizens who:

  • are polite, considerate and respect others
  • work and play co-operatively and positively with others
  • communicate effectively for a range of purposes, sharing ideas and listening to the ideas and opinions of others 
  • are aware of diversity, show tolerance and understanding
  • understand local and global issues, and the part they can play in affecting change

To create successful learners who:

  • are motivated by the adventure of learning
  • achieve all they are capable of, making consistent progress
  • enjoy thinking creatively, solving problems and using their enquiring minds
  • participate actively in a variety of learning experiences
  • respond to challenge - demonstrating perseverance, resilience and commitment

To create confident individuals who:

  • have a sense of self-worth and personal identity
  • are responsible, courageous and independent 
  • have a good understanding of personal well-being
  • have secure values and beliefs based on sound moral principles
  • are developing a spiritual awareness and an understanding of their place in the world
  • are equipped for the challenges that face them in the future


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