P.E. and Sports Premium


What is P.E. and Sports Premium?

In recent years, the Government have provided funding to all primary schools with the specific aim of improving the provision of P.E. and sport. Our children enjoy participation and competition - they work hard and recognise that keeping fit and healthy is a life-long goal.  Our PE curriculum is broad and balanced, we 'signpost' talented individuals to different provision and we enter local, regional and national competitions when we can, often successfully!  

Our allocation for the school year 2021-2022 is £17,517

The allocation is calculated according to the number of children on roll in the school. P.E. and Sports Premium money is used to encourage increased participation in P.E. and sporting activities that help promote a positive attitude to developing children’s health and well-being.

How do we plan to use the funding for the 2021/22 academic year?

We will continue to:

Provide cover for staff and fund transport to increase participation in local competitions.

Provide quality assured materials for P.E. and school sport.

Buy into the Small School Sports Partnership ensuring children can participate in local events with other schools; staff are aware of all sporting activities and training available locally.

Ensure children use running track in order to maintain and improve their health, fitness and

Provide every child with the opportunity to participate in an outdoor adventure activity.

We will enhance our provision in 2021/2022 when we aim to:

  • Provide high quality sports teaching for all children while improving staff teaching skills in P.E.
  • Increase the number of tournaments attended by children and the number of different children participating in these. (Covid allowing)
  • Increase opportunities for Reception and KS1 children to participate in sport both at school and off-site.
  • Provide extra opportunities for children to experience different sports by inviting coaches from local clubs in to school.(Covid allowing)
  • Ensure our ‘Young Leaders’ consistently lead physical activities and games for other children in school during playtimes and lunchtimes. (Covid allowing)


  • PE lessons are active, engaging and challenging. The children follow an agreed programme of learning and all are encouraged to achieve well.
  • Staff have a great understanding of teaching and learning in gym, dance, swimming and outdoor education. This builds capacity for the future.wAll children have had the opportuninty to swim - for a number this was their first swimming session/lesson. This continued provision will enable more children to be safe and confident in the water.
  • Our running track has encouraged children to be more active at playtimes and lunchtimes as well as being a resources to enable to learn more effectively using the outside provison.
  • For detailed anaylsis of the whold school impact of PE and Sports Premium funding see further documents available on the links below.
  • Please also see our PE Policy Document on the link below.

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