Class 3 2020 - 2021

Mrs Gavriluk

Class 3 are a mixed Year 3 and Year 4 group.

Our Curriculum Newsletter is published every half-term.

This contains information about what your child will be learning during this half-term.


Yesterday, Class 3 worked with the local artist Dan Fox, to record sounds and words inspired by the weather, local landscape and natural habitats for the Light up Lancaster festival.

This year’s theme is: ‘Close To The Wind’ and will involve an organically evolving sound and image feedback loop, the projected images and sounds responding in real time to the to the changing weather conditions. A huge, ingenious projection screen made up of hundreds of strips of white elastic stretched between two masts. As the wind blows through the elastics they vibrate, creating sound and movement. Projections from the Maritime Museum controlled by anemometers illuminate the elastics and change in response to the wind.





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