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Class 1 Science, by Mrs Barclay

Date: 27th Sep 2022 @ 7:31pm

In science, we have been learning all about the body. We practised singing head, shoulders, knees and toes and had a go at drawing around a friend and naming the parts of the body. We can even tell you where our heart is and what it does! 
We then learnt about the 5 senses, hear, taste, smell, sight and touch. We went for a sensory walk around the village, we could see different buildings including the church and we even found some lavender and rosemary to smell. We then had a little visit to the park and even found some conkers in their shells! 

Class 1 DT, by Mrs Barclay

Date: 27th Sep 2022 @ 4:26pm

In DT class 1 have been learning all about fruits and vegetables. We sorted the items into fruit and vegetable categories. We then talked about how fruits have got seeds and even a cucumber is a fruit! After we sorted them, it was our favourite part - the tasting! Yum yum! 

Westmorland Show 2022, by Mrs Gavriluk

Date: 9th Sep 2022 @ 3:41pm

first day!, by Mrs Barclay

Date: 5th Sep 2022 @ 3:53pm

Today was Reception's first afternoon and what a fabulous afternoon we have had. We were super busy doing lots of fun activities and making new friends. We are very excited for our first full day tomorrow! 

Class 4s Maya Tile Making, by Mr McGurk

Date: 18th Jul 2022 @ 11:40am

To finish off out topic about the Maya, Class 4 have been making Maya inspired clay tiles!

Class 4 meet Shaun Gash and play wheelchair basketball!, by Mr McGurk

Date: 18th Jul 2022 @ 7:09am

What a week we have had! On Friday, Shaun Gash, who uses a wheelchair, came into school to tell his inspirational and motivational story and he also allowed us to play a few round of wheelchair basketball! What a day, Class 4 is full of very competitive wheelchair basketballers!

Year 6 Leavers, by Mr McGurk

Date: 14th Jul 2022 @ 7:00am

As the year comes to an end we are preparing to say goodbye to our amazing bunch of Year 6s! The last few days have included our superb show 'Archbishop Huttons Got Talent', a trip to Lancaster to watch Jurassic World and  a rounders pizza party and he sad defeat of the school staff by Year 6! 😩

Well done Year 6!

Class 1 at Leighton Moss, by Mrs Barclay

Date: 12th Jul 2022 @ 3:39pm

Class One were very excited to be going on their long awaited trip to Leighton Moss. We listened to Kath and Fiona about birds and their habitats. Then we went to make elf houses using natural materials. We talked about what we could use for the walls, roof, door and furniture. 

After lunch, we went on a sensory walk. We were very excited to go to the top of the sky tower and look for birds. Next, we continued our walk and used our senses to look, feel and listen for things. We were very tired at the end of the trip but we had a lovely day! 



KS1 visit the Earth, by Miss Massaro

Date: 6th Jul 2022 @ 7:38pm

Class 1 and 2 had a fantastic day in Lancaster visiting the Earth. The children were so excited to be on a train!

All the children were sat under the Earth drawing and colouring and then we completed other fun activities. We were all so amazed by the size and enjoyed identifying different countries and continents. What an amazing day!

Year 5/6 Girls Football, by Mrs Gavriluk

Date: 4th Jul 2022 @ 4:26pm

Today , ten girls from year 5 & 6 took part in a local football competition and won! Well done girls!

Farm Stars on Border News, by Mr Pugh

Date: 1st Jul 2022 @ 10:51am

Class 3 went to Heaves farm, near Kendal to take part in the Open Farm day. We made it onto Border News. 

Class 1 Batik, by Mrs Barclay

Date: 1st Jul 2022 @ 10:43am

Class 1 have been learning all about seasons. We looked at the colours associated with each season and created a textile pillow. We then used the wax and batik tools to create our design on the front of the pillow. We then painted our pillow using brusho. After this, we practised our sewing skills by sewing buttons on the front. 

Class 1 Art, by Mrs Barclay

Date: 1st Jul 2022 @ 10:37am

Class 1 have been learning all about transport. We had a go at drawing our own mode of transport, then we made our own printing tile. We then used the special printing ink and printed our own picture. Have a look at our amazing creations! 

Gaia at The Priory, by Mr McGurk

Date: 30th Jun 2022 @ 5:27pm

The Priory in Lancaster is currently hosting a spectacular piece of artwork named Gaia - the Earth - so class 4 jumped on the train and enjoyed a fantastic day exploring the church, taking in the beautiful views of our home planet!

Class 3’s Visit to Heaves Farm, by Mrs Gavriluk

Date: 30th Jun 2022 @ 3:34pm

Today, Class 3 visited a working dairy farm in Cumbria. They learned how food arrives on their plates and how a working farm operates. Here are some of the best pictures of the day! Evie and Sam were interviewed for Granada reports and should appear on tonight's 6 pm news!,


Class 2 Aeroplanes, by Miss Massaro

Date: 30th Jun 2022 @ 3:30pm

Class 2 have been enjoying studying The Wright Brothers this half term. Today we made our own aeroplanes and went in the hall and outside to see how far they could fly! 
Class 2 have been really inspired by Wilbur and Orville and their inventions. 

Class 3’s visit to see the Earth, by Mrs Gavriluk

Date: 29th Jun 2022 @ 4:06pm

Today, Class 3 travelled by train to Lancaster and walked to the Priory Church! Inside they saw the gigantic Gaia measuring 7 metres in diameter. It is 1.8 million times smaller than the real earth but the children were blown away by its size.

Sports Day - Field Events, by Mr Pugh

Date: 28th Jun 2022 @ 12:47pm

We dodged the rain and got the first half of Sports Day 2022 in the bag. The afternoon was wet, but we got the lot done! Everyone was fabulously behaved and we all had a great time! Well done! Here are the best of the pictures.... 

PSHE - What Makes a Good Friend?, by Mr Pugh

Date: 24th Jun 2022 @ 10:32am

We had a great afternoon in Class 3 and 4 discussing friendship. We made an agreement on what friendship looks like and worked in groups to create a set of Friendhip advertisment posters. We watched some videos which led to discussions about the right and wrong decisions we can make that lead to friendship problems. 

Class 2 go on a magic carpet ride!, by Miss Massaro

Date: 10th Jun 2022 @ 12:13pm

Class 2's English lessons have been based around Aladdin. Today we watched the magic carpet scene on our very own magic carpet. The children then used fabric pens to write their extended noun phrases to make their own magic carpets!

Thinking about the Environment, by Mr Pugh

Date: 8th Jun 2022 @ 1:20pm

On Monday morning, we were visited by Lauren from the Morecambe Bay Eco Trust. She presented an informative and interactive assembly about litter - specifically litter found on our local beaches. The children worked in their school teams and explored the length of time that various pieces of litter took to erode. Every child thought about our responsibilities and we
made a school pledge to recycle more trash. 

Chinese Culture Day, by Mr Pugh

Date: 8th Jun 2022 @ 1:14pm

On Friday 20th May  it was Chinese Culture Day in school. We were visited by a teacher from Lancaster University who spoke to the children about life in China, taught them some words and how to paint using traditional techniques. What a great day! 

Jubilee Art @ Tesco, by Mr Pugh

Date: 8th Jun 2022 @ 1:08pm

Classes 1,2 and 3 produced portraits of the Queen during Jubilee Week. Mrs Barclay's cousin, Emily, who is an artist works at Tesco in Carnforth. She used her skills and our portraits to produce this fabulous window display. Thanks Emily - great work! 

Ruskin Art Day, by Mr Pugh

Date: 8th Jun 2022 @ 12:56pm

Class 3 and 4 worked with Lancaster University to learn about the artist and nature lover John Ruskin. They used sketching, clay and close observation to produce some super art work. 


Date: 26th May 2022 @ 12:34pm

Yesterday, the whole school had a Jubilee day. All the children made, crowns, flags, collage queens and corgis and biscuits.

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