What does Spanish look like at Archbishop Hutton’s?

Spanish is a new addition to our curriculum. It is taught consistently throughout KS2 but we also introduce children to greetings, numbers and basic phrases from EYFS. An example of this is children starting the day saying 'hello' in Spanish.

The children enjoy the language and are learning to communicate effectively. Alongside the development of language and communication, children explore different aspects of Spanish culture to broaden their interest and curiosity.

Spanish is taught as a whole class in mixed ability groups. All children are encouraged to take part in lessons and are given the opportunity to embed their learning in other subject areas. 

Why is Spanish an important part of our curriculum?

Learning a foreign language is a way to open up our pupils’ understanding of the world.  It should allow pupils to develop their curiosity and equip children for a future in a globally connected workplace. We teach Spanish because we recognise the importance of encouraging an interest in learning another language. 

Introducing young learners to a rich language environment in a way that is enjoyable and fun, helps them to engage fully. The intent is to help learners understand cultural differences both here and in other countries. A language rich curriculum also develops pupils’ speaking and listening skills across the curriculum.

We believe that learning another language is a crucial part of the children’s education, which allows them to build self-confidence as well as developing their communication skills. In our modern society, children now have the ability to communicate very easily with others from around the world. Good language teaching, equips them with the skills and confidence to be able to do this.

Our children are encouraged to be inquisitive about the world, in a learning environment that allows children to feel confident about taking risks and developing informed opinions about the world around them.

 What do our children think about Spanish at Archbishop Hutton’s?

“I can ask someone their name, age and how they are feeling in Spanish.”

“I like all the songs and watching clips about Spanish children.”

“I can count up to 20 in Spanish and tell you what the weather is like today.”

“We learnt the names of the Chinese New Year animals in French—it was fun. I'd like to learn them in Spanish too.”





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