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What does READING look like at out school?

Reading is at the heart of all that we do.

We encourage and support all children to read books from a variety of genres and by a wide selection of authors.  In doing this, we encourage a love of reading so they can become lifelong, avid readers. This develops an adventurous vocabulary which can then be heard in their speech and seen in their written work.

By making books central to our learning, the children are interested in discovering books and reading for pleasure.  They are able evaluate and justify their preferences and develop their powers of imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness. Progression and understanding are carefully planned, reviewed and adapted yearly to ensure that children’s learning builds effectively over time.

Why is READING an important part of our curriculum?

Learning to become a good reader ensures that all children are given the tools they need to access knowledge and communicate effectively in the world. 

The development of children’s ability to recognise and decode words is essential and allows them to develop their comprehension and understanding.  

A child's comprehension skills are developed alongside high quality discussions with the teacher and  being exposed to a range of varied texts and genre. A child's reading  competence enables them to communicate effectively at home, at school and in the wider world, leading to improved life opportunities. The skills of listening, speaking and reading enable children to organise and express their own thoughts and to access the knowledge and ideas of others.

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What is our vision for READING at Archbishop Hutton’s?

The children at our school are enthusiastic, independent and lively readers with an innate desire to read for pleasure.

We are passionate in our desire to inspire students in a love of reading for life. Children are taught a wide range of strategies to decode and make sense of texts, including phonics.  We make much of our partnership with parents/carers to support students  in their regular home reading programme.

The application of key reading skills are therefore taught across all foundation subjects. Children’s ability to access the curriculum and further their learning is greatly aided buy the acquisition of strong reading skills across the school.

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What do our children think about READING at Archbishop Hutton’s?

“We have a great new library where I can choose books that really interest me, like sharks and snakes.”

“I like reading with my teacher when I come in in the morning. We spend time talking about the story.”

“I really like it when our teacher reads us a book. I liked Wonder and so I bought it from the book fair and read it myself.”



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