Home Learning

Home Learning Policy

We introduced our new Home Learning Policy in September 2017. We presented the Home Learning powerpoint to parents – this gives an overview of the policy.


These reading prompts provide parents with a range of questions to ask their child and to discuss when reading with them.

Writing: Grammar and Punctuation

This document tells parents the grammar and punctuation expectations for each year group.

Writing: No Nonsense Spelling

No Nonsense Spelling is the scheme we use to teach children how to spell. You can find out about the different strategies your child uses to practise spellings in the No Nonsense Spelling Strategies for parents and the No Nonsense Spelling Presentation – use the links below. The Year Group Spelling Lists gives you the spellings that children in each year group are expected to spell.


Children will be developing their mental maths skills. These suggestions provide parents with a range of strategies to use when helping their child to learn mental maths skills. The second document tells parents the mental maths calculations covered by each year group.

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