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22nd - 29th November 2021

We all had a very exciting Super Science Week. Our Focus was Materials and their uses and all week the children were focused on Science in their lessons.


We learnt about the importance of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and looked at ho we use these skills in every thing we do. Class 3 and 4 had a visit from Dr Wise from Lanacster Uni and worked on solving real life STEM problems. 

Class 4 had to solve real life problems based around Space. They built an air filter similar to the one made to save the Apollo13 astronauts and they had to plan, develop and build the best Mars lander. 

Class 3 had to think about the story of the Three Little Pigs and they were challenged to build a house that could withstand rain and the big bad wolf blowing as hard as he could. 

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As part of the week, children have been set the challenge of making their Science in a Box exhibit. They brought their boxes in and we held an exhibition. What amazing work and what a lot of science learning.


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On Friday, we dressed like a scientist. The only rule we had for our costume was that you had to be able to explain the science behind what you were wearing. 



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