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a tree is known by its fruit  Matthew 12:33

We develop and nurture the growth of positive and inspired young people. Hard work and strong values bear fruit in our successes – both now and in the future.


This is the page for you to join us in our Collective Worship. During Covid19 Lockdown's we posted new videos on a Monday and Friday. You can still see some of these by clicking on the videos in the drop down. 

We use Roots and Fruits for our collective worship. Roots and Fruits provides creative collective worship for primary schools based in Christian values themes over a period of two years. Rooted in Bible teaching, twelve Christian values represent the fruit that grows as the teaching is lived out in everyday life.

Here is an summary of what we have been learning about in our worship time. If you click on the links you can watch some of the videos we have used in our exploration of each value. 

Autumn 2022

To start our year we have been thinking about being part of a team. We explored how everyone has a part to play in the school, class, friendship groups and our families. 

Our first Value of the term was Generosity. 

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We have learnt that God wants us to be genereous givers who are happy to help others. We learnt about the Widow at the temple and how Jesus taught about her generosity. We linked the value of Generosity to our Learners of the Week awards. We tried to be generous with our time, our ideas and our knowledge. 

We also thought of others by raising money for the Young Minds charity on World Mental Health Day. We wore yellow and thought about how to aks others for help or help others when they need it. Our Harvest Festival celebrated how lucky we are to have enough food and showed generosity by collecting food for the Morecambe Bay Foodbank. 

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Summer 2022

This term we have been exploring our Rights and Responsibilities

During our assembly times we have looked at the Human Rights and Responsibilities. We have looked at the War in Ukraine and considered how we should treat each other. We have explored how we all have the right to learn and have explored how the UN have developed The Rights of the Child. We have examined how we can help others who may be suffering from lonliness, linked to the focus of Mental Heath week and have discussed our responsibility to help and include those around us.

On Monday 23rd May, we were visited by Lauren from Morecambe Bay Eco Trust who presented an informative and interactive assembly about litter - specifically litter found on out local beaches. The children worked in their school teams and explored the length of time that various pieces of litter took to erode. Every child thought about our responsibilities and we made a school pledge to recycle more trash. In worship we talked about God's creation and our repsonsiblity to look after it for ourselves and future generations. 

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Spring 2022

service.jpgWe have been looking at what service means and what it means to serve others. We thought about how we serve and help at home and thought how we could make a true difference to others. 

serve god.jpgWe learnt about acts of service in the Bible.

Jesus washed the disciples feet. Why did he do that? 

Samuel had to serve God by chosing a new King. Why was his decision criticised? Why was it a hard job to do?

Jesus called the disciples to serve. Could you give up everything to serve others and serve God? 

Why not watch the videos and think about the challenges set to serve others?



We have been thinking about what it means to persevere and why it is a really important skill. We have looked at what we are good at and thought hard about what we'd like to be better at. We discussed how people of faith look for strength when they are struggling to achieve their goals or want life to improve. 

strength.jpg  strength 2.jpg

We learnt about Jeremiah and how he had to persevere to share God's word. 


In our relection time, we considered what we had learnt about persevering and related it back to people we had learnt about who fought for justice and had to persevere. 

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Chritmas and Advent 2021

We performed an amazing Nativity Play at the Methodist Church. Every child in the school took part to tell the story of the birth of Jesus.


During Advent we worked with St Oswald's Church to narrate the Christmas story as part of their Interactive Nativity Journey. Several children from classes 2, 3 and 4 recorded the story, which was used to narrate You Tube videos. 

church nativity.jpg

These videos can be accessed by clicking on the links below. 


1.Gabriel visits Mary

2.Mary visits Elizabeth

3.Gabriel visits Joseph

4.The emperor’s new taxes

5.The journey to Bethlehem

6.No room!

7.Jesus is born

8.Good news for the shepherds

9.Just as promised

10.God’s gift to you


Autumn 2021


We have been learning all about what Justice means and how we can make sure we strive for it in our lives. We looked at the lives of two fighters for justice - Marcus Rashford and Rosa Parks 

Their stories show is that when we think something is not just - we must stand in the gap and be the difference. 

Marcus used his experience to stand up for those who had less. He made sure children had the food they needed and deserved. 

Rosa used her life experience and dislike of injustice to start a change which ended segregation. 



We learnt what the Bible says about Justice

In St Paul's second letter to the people in Corinth, he wrote: "Our purpose is to do what is right, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of one another."  He wrote this to them because he wanted everyone to be treated fairly and with justice. 

God's idea of justice is that everyone is equal in His view, because his love is so generous. Jesus reminds us that we should be grateful for what we have and never be jealous if we think others have more.

In our Collective Worship time we have discussed how:

  • jumping to conclusions can mean we do not treat others fairly
  • deciding what is the right thing to do can be difficult
  • sometimes life is complicated and there can be two sides to any arguement or discussion
  • being fair doesn't always mean that everyone gets the same
  • we can be the change if we see injustice

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Our first value was of the year is Trust


We learnt that:

The Bible tells us that: "Two people are better than one...If one person falls, the other can reach out to help." - Ecclesiastes 4

We learnt how the disciples had to learn to trust Jesus and how he calmed the storm by simply saying, "Peace be Still"


We also learnt about total trust. Daniel loved God so much that he trusted that he would be kept safe in the Lion's Den.


In our Collective Worship time we learnt how to be trusted and how it feels to trust others: 

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