Life in a bubble! 02/06/20

Today has been our first day for Key Worker children being organised in bubbles.

There are currently three bubbles in school - Warton Pre-School bubble, YR/Y1/Y2 bubble and Y3/Y4/Y5/Y6 bubble.

The children spend all day in their own bubble with staff, working both in their classroom, the Computer Room and outside.

Playtime and lunchtime have been spent outside today with groups using different parts of the field and having access to both sunshine and shade.

The children have adjusted well to these changes and impressed the staff with their social distancing. Well done everybody!

Here are a few photos to give you a glimpse in to life in a bubble.

Friday 5th June update - what do children and staff think about life in a bubble?

'I think the children have adapted remarkably well, they are aware of what is happening and why - they have been absolutely fantastic!'    Mrs. Burns who is working with the younger children

'I'm glad that school's taking our safety so seriously.' Y5 pupil

'It's better because we have our own equipment that is only for us to touch. This means we are spreading less germs.' Y4 pupil

'It is easier working with just children in Key Stage 2. This is more manageable with a narrower age range. The children have been incredibly well behaved.' Mr. Pugh

'It is lovely to see more children in school and to catch up with different children.The children have just got on with it, taking the bubble changes on board really well.' Mrs. Wareing who is working with Key Stage 2

''We are still washing hands and using hand sanitiser a lot. When we move around the school we have to socially distance. We even socially distanced during P.E. with Mr. Harris.' Year 6 child

'It is good to be with friends in our classroom.' Year 2 child

'I am very proud that everyone - children, parents and staff - has adapted so quickly and easily to the new organisation and routines. WELL DONE TO YOU ALL!' Miss. Watson


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