Den Building - Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Lesson: Physical education

Class 2 and Class 3 were very lucky to get a very exciting OAA session today with Greg, who challenged us to build shelters using simple materials and what we could find in our environment.  Class 2 linked this to what we have learnt about historic and modern exploration expeditions, thinking about what you would need to help you survive in the wild.  The children worked very efficiently in teams to assemble their given materials and scavenge further resources.  Ultimately, every group was able to build a functional shelter, with additional extras such as bedding, a firepit, washing lines and even 'motion sensored cameras' and camera traps to detect and deter wild animals! Some groups were very creative and imaginative and really threw their all into this brilliant activity.  We even spotted parachutes in the sky, which added to the joy of the morning!

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