Class 2's Chick Visitors

Lesson: Science

Class: Class 2 Year: 2018 - 2019

To help us understand animal life cycles Class 2 have been very lucky to have some very new visitors.

Thomas Hizzard's family brought in an incubator with a small clutch of eggs for us to watch and observe.

It was very exciting and we were very lucky to have 9 chicks hatch in our classroom. We even got to see some of the chicks push their way out of their shells and chip their way out withtheir egg tooth. We learned to identify some of the breeds such as White Wine Dots, Rhode Island Reds and Pekins. One of the most exciting moments was when we discovered that 'Batchick', who is a black chick, is an unknown breed and we are still hoping to find out more. We have researched the life cycles of chicks and hens and look out for some of our writing appearing soon.

What a brilliant experience.

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