Brilliant Bodies - Brilliant Workers

Lesson: Science

We have now reached the end of our first whole school theme of the year. Every class has enjoyed learning about the human body; how it works, how to look after our health and how to stay fit.  We have measured heartbeats, learnt about nutrition and developed an understanding of the importance of exercise.

This week we ended the theme with a celebration week.

On Tuesday, Classes 1 and 2 had a Brilliant Bodies morning with various activities. As well as thinking about the food they eat, they danced to raise their heartbeats and learnt about raisin floating in lemonade. (ask them and they will explain much better than I can)

On Thursday, Classes 3 and 4 joined in the fun with an Invention Challenge and a heart rate raising Orienteering course around the school grounds.

On Thursday we also had a Great Big Show and Tell where everyone brought in their work done for Mr Pugh’s Healthy Challenge. This gave children the opportunity to show their friends what they have been learning at home. We saw recipe books, food diaries, sportstar powerpoints and posters and Freddie in Class 3 even managed to make a film of him interviewing a Paralympian.  Cracking stuff everyone!!

Every piece of work done for the challenge received 20TP and every child who took part received a special certificate. KS1 children will receive their certificates after half term.

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