Welcome Back to School

Date: 1st Jan 2021 @ 11:48am

Hello and a very Happy New Year from everyone at school.  We hope you have enjoyed some family time together and look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 4th January.

We may have said goodbye to 2020 but unfortunately we have not said goodbye to the Covid19 situation which affects our daily running of the school.  As you will know, we have really worked hard to keep the children and our families as safe as possible.  This has been successful so far this academic year, resulting in only two bubble shut downs.  As we return to school, we must maintain this - especially as we have now been placed into Tier Four. In order to keep the children in school, working hard and making progress we need to continue to work together to keep coronavirus out of school.  

To do this we must:

  • Maintain our start of school and end of day routines.  If you have a Year 5 or 6 child, please make sure they do not come to school before 8:40am.  Please also talk to them about coming straight into their line and not hanging around near the carpark.


  • Make sure we don't come to school if we, or anyone in our household has any of the Coronavirus symptoms.  If anone does have symptoms they need to be tested.  Please keep school informed so we can work together. 


During the Spring term, it seems likely that we may need to close the school for a while to all but the children of key workers.  This would be similar to the first lockdown during March and April. Many areas in the South East have already had to close for the first two weeks of term.  If this happens, we will contact you to assess who will be eligible to attend school and learning will move online, using the pupil area of the website.  Teachers will put around three hours of work on the website each day and will communicate with you and the children via the pupil area.  


I will keep you up to date weekly through the newsletter and also through emails as these are more immediate.  Thanks for all of you patience at this time. 

Mr Pugh



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