Warton Crag Visit

Date: 7th Nov 2018 @ 8:13pm

Class 1 were very excited for their trip to Warton Crag. We met B (the ranger) at school and we made our way up the crag. On the way, B gave us a natural object to hide - we had to remember where we placed the object as on the way back down, our challenge would be to find it! We finally made it - and the views were spectacular. We talked about the landmarks that we could see and some of us even saw our house! 

Then, we made our way back down and followed the path to the quarry (whilst looking for our objects). B told us lots of information about the quarry and what it was used for. 

Back at school, we used a map of the crag to record the trail and stick photos in the correct place. We also talked about what we did/saw first, then, next and finally. 

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