Fruity Science

Date: 6th Nov 2018 @ 8:01pm

Fruity Science!

On Tuesday, Classes 1 and 2 enjoyed a fruitastic science afternoon. We used lots of investigation skills to ask questions about fruit and even got to taste some fruits we had never had before!

We tasted a range of different fruits and vegetables including carrots, grapes and oranges with Mrs McKinley. We even tasted a few fruits we had never had before such as persimmon, mango and papaya. Mr Pugh came to visit and he was not very keen on the persimmon. He said it was disgusting and slimy!

We investigated the mystery of the 'Dancing Raisins' with Miss Fearon. When we poured lemonade into a glass of raisins they began to dance up and down in the water. There must be a scientific explanation!

We think that the bubbles stuck to the raisins and they floated to the top and then they popped and fell back down. It was fun watching them boogy|!

In Mr McGurk's class we investigated the 'Sensational Satsumas'.

What will happen if we drop a satsuma into water? We found out that if it still had its skin on it floated, but when we peeled it and tried again it sank. Why?

We had lots of fun trying to find out the answer!

We found out that the skin is like a life jacket that holds air inside the satsuma which means that it can float!!

Do all satsumas have the same number of segments? We decided to find out. We all peeled our satsumas and counted the segments. Some had 7 and some had as many as 12. We think that the bigger the satsuma the more segments it will have.

Finally, we chose our favourite fruit or vegetable from the fruit tasting! Can you believe what Key Stage 1's favourite fruit was? laugh

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