Date: 10th May 2019 @ 10:30am

What goes up must come down. That is the basic law of gravity.  This term we have been exploring forces around us and looking at how they affect our lives.  We have learnt that air resistance is a force which has an effect on movement.  It can slow down a falling parachute and is a leading factor in the design of cars and aircraft. 

We have explored the effect of air resistance and designed a investigation to see if the material used to create a paper aeroplane changes its ability to fly.  We thought about how the weight and shape of the plane might alter its pattern of flight as air resistance and gravity act against it. 


Once we had tested flight we decided on the criteria for our investigation. We looked at how to make it fair.  We thought about which variables we could change and which we had to keep the same. 


Mext we learnt how to measure and find an average.  We started by measuring parts of our body and used calculators to find the mean for our group. 

Finally, we built five aeroplanes out of Foil, A4 copier paper, thin card, tissue paper and grease-proof paper. We thought about what might happen when we threw them and made a prediction. We set up our investigation and then measured the results.  Each aeroplane was thrown three times and an average was found. 




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