Coming Back to School

Date: 18th Aug 2021 @ 10:11am



I hope you are all enjoying the Summer holidays. I would imagine that like the teachers, you have started to work out that there are only two weeks left until we return to school, so I thought this would be a good time to get in touch and explain a few things about the new term.

Thankfully, we will no longer be ruled by Covid restrictions. That means that school assemblies, playtimes and lunchtimes can all return to how they used to be back in March 2021. However, we have learnt a lot during the last 18 months and a few of our rules and routines will stay in place.

The School Day

All of the children are due in school on Friday 3rd September.

There will no longer be a bubble system in place.

School will open at 8:45 for the children to make their way to their classrooms and registration will be at 8:55.

Reception and Class 2 children should meet their teachers on the top playground, where they will line up and go into class together.

Class 3 and 4 children will come in through the main door and make their own way to their classrooms.

Handwashing rules will remain when children come into school, after playtime and after dinner time.

Everyone should bring themselves, a water bottle and a coat to school every day. On other days there will be a need for PE kits, reading books and homework, but children should not bring anything else from home. As we have done over the last year, all children will be provided with a pencil case full of equipment for use in class. No pencil cases from home please.


Over the Covid period – especially during the Summer Term – some allowances were made for uniform. As we return in the Autumn, I’d like to remind you of our school uniform rules. These rules serve two purposes. Firstly, they ensure that the children look smart and a part of the Archbishop Hutton’s team. Secondly, some of the rules, such as flat shoes, ear rings and hair tied up, are in place for safety reasons.


Our uniform allows black or dark shoes or enclosed sandals. Black trainers may be worn as long as they are plain in design.

Children wearing shoes may bring a pair of trainers for playtime games if they wish.

Black boots may be worn in winter.

P.E. Kit

Plain black shorts + T-shirt with school logo in a school team colour + Pumps/plimsolls for indoor P.E. and trainers for outdoor P.E.

Children may wear a tracksuit for outdoor P.E. in colder weather                                                                                                           

All P.E. kit needs to kept in a drawstring bag labelled with the child’s name. This will be kept on the child’s cloakroom peg

All PE kits should be brought in at the start of the week and taken home after the last PE lesson to be washed weekly.

Hair, Jewellery and Accessories

Children with long hair should have it tied back or put up.

Children should not have tramline haircuts.

No jewellery should be worn except for watches and stud earrings. These should be removed for P.E., games and swimming lessons by the child.

Watches should not be smart watches which record data or have internet access.

Children should not wear make-up including nail polish to school.


It is essential that all items of school uniform have the child’s name inside. Blue jumpers and cardigans all look the same!


We are all really looking forward to getting everyone back into school and I am especially excited to see all of the children sat together for dinner and assemblies. Please get in touch if you have any questions about the new term ahead.

See you all on 3rd September,

Mr Pugh



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