March 2021 - Coming Back to School

Date: 22nd Feb 2021 @ 1:50pm

Back to School – only two weeks away now!

As we prepare for the return to school, I thought that now would be a good time to share with you the school’s plans.  As I am sure you will appreciate, at this time each school has its own unique challenges and we have thought long and hard about our re-opening plans. They are very close to Government guidance but consider our school setting and our children. We have had the opportunity to run these systems with three bubbles for three terms now and they work very successfully. 

We may be on the path to more freedom but unfortunately we have not said goodbye to the Covid19 situation which affects our daily running of the school.  As you will know, we have really worked hard to keep the children and our families as safe as possible.  This has been successful so far this academic year, resulting in only two bubble shut downs.  As we return to school, we must maintain this, in order to keep the children in school, working hard and making progress.  We need to continue to work together to keep coronavirus out of school.  

To do this we must:

  • Follow all of the rules and systems set out for our continued safety.
  • Maintain our start of school and end of day routines.  If you have a Year 5 or 6 child, please make sure they do not come to school before 8:40am.  Please also talk to them about coming straight into their line and not hanging around near the carpark.
  • Make sure we don't come to school if we, or anyone in our household has any of the Coronavirus symptoms.  If anone does have symptoms they need to be tested.  Please keep school informed so we can work together. 

There is a lot of information, so in this message I am sharing only the day to day information I feel you need to know to get ready for school.  The children are very used to these rules as they have been following them since September.  However, since many of them have been at home for two months it helps to remind them and ourselves. 


I urge you to read this information, talk about it with your children and any other adults who will be bringing the children to school or dropping them off.  Each member of our school family needs to play their important part by following this guidance and supporting school staff by sticking with our plan.

Our goal is to do our very best to keep everybody safe and healthy - keeping everyone in school for as long as possible. 


What will the class groups look like?

For the safety of our children and staff it is important for us to keep classes well managed. We have therefore decided to continue with the three ‘bubbles’. The bubbles will be structured as before…..


Children in Bubble 1 (Class 1 and 2) should arrive at school and wait – socially distanced on the front playground.  They should be on the yard for 8:40. At 8:45 a member of staff will come up to the playground and invite the children into school.  Class 1 children will walk down the steps to their classroom.  Parents must stay at the top of the steps. Class 2 children will be collected by a staff member from this playground and taken around to the side door next to class 2. 

At pick up time – 3pm for Bubble 1 – the same procedure will happen but in reverse.  Staff will return children to the top playground.

Children in Bubble 2 and 3 should arrive at school at 8:45 and enter via their two gates and line up. Parents are asked to leave them here and a member of staff will be waiting to lead the children into school. Please do not wait around in this area. These children will walk around the school building and enter by the side door near their classroom.  They will then sanitise hands before entering the classroom.

At pick up time – 3:05pm – the same procedure will happen but in reverse.  Staff will return children to the gate area where they can be picked up.

We ask that, although it is not compulsory, you wear a face covering while waiting near the gate.  Please remain socially distant during this time and try to keep the time you are waiting around to a minimum.                                             



  • Please be mindful of the parents dropping children off at the pre-school on school property and maintain the 2-metre distancing wherever possible.
  • Children should enter the playground gate independently when possible. There will be staff on hand to support and encourage.
  • Parents must leave school immediately maintaining a safe distance between themselves and other parents. If you need to leave a message, please speak to the adult on duty or call the school office.
  • Classroom doors will be open on arrival and children will enter classes straight away.
  • Once children have been dropped off parents should not gather at entrance gates or doors, or enter the school building
  • We ask parents to be mindful of their children’s allocated times. The office will not be open for late arrivals.
  • Children should arrive at school with one adult only accompanying them.

Taking items home and bringing items to school

Both staff and children are discouraged from bringing any additional items from home into the school environment unless these are absolutely necessary and are appropriately sanitised before being used. Unfortunately, there can be no treats for birthday celebrations brought into school at this time.

Items should be transferred in a suitable bag and taken directly to a classroom or dedicated area at home. Children and parents should make sure they wash their hands and surfaces, before and after handling any items from school at home. Please note that physical letters will not be sent home at this time. All communications will be on the school website or sent to you via email.

Children’s Water Bottles

Children are asked to bring their own named water bottle which will be sent home each night. Please can you ensure that your child’s bottle is cleaned and refilled for the next school day. Only your child will handle his/her bottle. Facilities to refill bottles in school are limited but are available when required. These will be sanitised daily.

Other Equipment

  • Children should only bring themselves, a water bottle, coat and lunch to school with them.  All equipment – pens, pencils etc will be provided and kept in school. Do not bring any other bag or equipment into school to help us maintain hygiene standards. 
  • Lunch bags and coats will be placed on pegs at the start of the day.  
  • PE kit should be brought in on a Monday and taken home on a Friday.  The rest of the time it will be stored on their peg.
  • Children who are bringing their own packed lunches should bring them in a small bag or lunchbox.  This should be taken home every day.


Children will be allocated school reading books as in the Autumn term.  When returned the books will be isolated for three days before they are re-circulated. There will be a limited supply of books used in each classroom, children will wash their hands before and after reading them

School Meals

Lancashire Catering Group Kitchen services will be fully resumed. Hot lunches will be available and Bubble One will eat in the hall, while Bubble Two and Three will eat within their class room. Social distance will be maintained wherever possible and the kitchen staff will be responsible to organising the food and distribution.

The school office will send more information to you regarding this.


I hope this information has clarified the basics for you.  We look forward to seeing you all on March 8th, so please encourage your child to follow all of the school rules so we can keep them safe.

I can't wait to see you all soon – Mr Pugh

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