Class Four Tea Bag Babies

Date: 4th Nov 2019 @ 10:23am

In Science this week, Class 4 have been thinking about  babies.

We have made babies of our own.  You will see that they have tea bags attached to their bodies and the back of their head.  These tea bags represent the parts of the body which need to be treated gently in a new born baby.

The children have all been set a task.  They must look after their baby and keep it safe for a week.  They must protect the head and body and not let the tea bag get wet or  be torn. 

Here are the rules of the challenge

1. The children must bring the baby into school everyday for a week.  They will be marked on the register and must be left in the class crèche.

2. The children must make sure the tea bags do not get damaged, but  also protect the rest of the baby.  They can make a bed for the baby if they want to, or a sling to carry it safely to school.

3. Babies must not travel in book bags or pockets.


If the children complete the challenge they will qualify for a  parents party next Friday.

This is an interesting science activity which should raise their understanding of how demanding babies can be.



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