Class 2's Plant Investigators!

Date: 9th May 2019 @ 7:41pm

Class 2 have recently become Science Investigators.

Our first topic has been to investigate what we know about how plants grow. It turns out that we actually knew alot more than Mr McGurk expected. We knew lots about what plants needed and we even could describe different types of trees and plants that we can find in our local area.

We split into special 'Plant Investigation' teams. Each member of the team had a special job.

The communications manager, the recorder, the resources manager and personnel officer. All were very important to make our teams work.

We decided to investigate if plants needed light to grow.

What we did.

We planted cress seeds in an egg box with some cotton wool. We would water them regularly and keep some seeds out in the classroom and hide some others in the cupboards with no light.

What we thought would happen

Some of us thought nothing would happen in the dark whilst others thought they would both grow anyway. One or two of us throught that nothing would happen because they had no soil.

The results

These seeds were kept in the dark.

These seeds were kept out in the sunlight.

What we discovered

We discovered that plants can still grow without direct light but they will not grow much at all. But, to grow well, they must have sunlight to grow strong and tall.

We recorded our obervations and ideas in our big books of science that we will be keeping in the classroom.

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