Class 1 and 2's Childhood Museum!

Date: 28th Feb 2019 @ 7:43pm

Welcome to Class 2's Museum of Childhood!!!

Class 2 have worked exceptionally hard over the last 6 weeks to investigate and learn more about childhood through the years!

We have explored modern toys, parents and grandparents toys and even looked as far back as the Victorians.

We explored our understanding of history by creating timelines. This meant that we could explore the passage of time and our place in it. 

Percy Langman said "The timelines helped me learn about when different toys were made."

We have asked questions about the past and used these ideas to ask visitors to our class about their childhood. Through this we learned lots of facts about what it was like for our parents and people at home when they were our age.

Kerr Slaughter said " I didn't know that my grandparents would have had to take cups and plates to birthday parties."

Laurence Stallard said "I didn't know the viewfinder was as technical as it got."

So, on the last day of term we decided to create our very own museum to show you what we have learned. It was fantastic to see so many parents and grandparents visiting our class and finding out about our learning. We created our own artefact museum, played Kim's game and showed off our amazing cross curricular books.

Freddie Hill said " I know that 12 pennies made 1 shilling."

Harry Shanks said " I didn't know that Teddy Bears are over 100 years old."

We even planned and designed our own Teddy Bears! Thankyou to all the parents and helpers who came in to help stitch, stuff and make them. Your help is appreciated. Just look how brilliant they all are!

Ryan McKenzie said " I loved learning to sow and make my own toy."

Harry Thomas said " I learned that Teddy bears are named after an American President called Theodore Roosevelt."

Thanks so much to everyone who came to see all our hard work!

Mr M and Class 2!

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