A Day at the Museum

Date: 31st Oct 2018 @ 3:50pm

A Day at the Museum 

What a great afternoon we had at the Class Four Museum today.  Created in our new Learning Lab, the Museum was a celebration of all the hard work we did as a class last half term. 


The War area of the Museum focused on our models of Anderson Shelters and artefacts children had brought in from home. There were medals from the Second World War, family photographs of soldiers, a gas mask and a diary from the 1941 Manchester Blitz.  

We also included our models of Anderson Shelters we had made in class.


In the Space Area of the Museum we displayed all of the fabulous creative home learning brought in this week. 

Jess made a superb Solar System Cake and Zak made a detailed model. 


Will made his own man in the moon costume!

There was so much to see and so many interesting stories and facts to learn. We look forward to our Viking Topic in the Spring term when we will be able to open up the Class Four Museum once more. 

(Space home learning can be seen, displayed in the corridor outside the Rainbow Room.) 




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