The BIG I.T. Drive

Our current GRAND TOTAL is....................

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us raise such an impressive amount!

What is the BIG I.T. Drive?  
We are fundraising to supply our school with essential new computer equipment. 

How much do we need?

In order to replace the archaic equipment, approximately £24,000 is needed.  

What equipment needs replacing?  

* Server  * Computers  * Tablets  * Interactive whiteboards   

When do we expect to complete The BIG I.T. Drive?  
We estimate this to be a 3 year plan, which includes school's I.T. budget.

How can you help?  

* Fundraising Ideas  * Suggested grants & donation ideas  * Your on-going support

Moving forward...... 
We are getting ready for our Summer Fair including 10km run and 1km fun run on Saturday 13th July.
We have already applied to grant funders and businesses for donations but other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

We have applied to some local businesses but if anyone knows of any businesses that may be able to help in any way, either through monetary donations or raffle / tombola prizes, please let us know. 

Della Langman - 07894 669714 -

Lindsey Simmonds - 07766 708661 -

Miss Watson - 01524 734305 -  

Mrs Robinson – 01524 734305 

THANK YOU to the following:

Warton W.I. for choosing The BIG I.T. Drive as their charity of the year and raising an amazing £1,800!

All the children and their sponsors who collected £1,534.20

All the children for collecting coppers worth £285.81 during the spring term 2019

School Council for raising £204 from the Pyjama Non-Uniform Day and Bring & Buy Cake Sale

The PTA for raising £176.65 at Easter Bingo 2019

Carnforth Rotary for their £600 donation

Warton Village Society for their £1,000 donation

Wilson's and Co Developers for their great big £1,000 cheque

Warton Parish Council for generously donating £3,000

The Old School Brewery for kindly donating £104.86 from their raffle

The P.T.A. for raising £36.80 at the Armistice Day Event

Warton Methodist Church for kindly donating £185 from their Quiz

The P.T.A. for raising £63.31 by selling refreshments at Sports Day 2018

The P.T.A. for raising £166.68 at the Summer Disco 2018

The P.T.A. for raising £710.85 at the Summer Fayre 2018 

The P.T.A. for raising £425.50 from Easter Bingo 2018 



Sponsored Obstacle Course organised by School Council and Mr. Harris on 30/04/19

Pirate Non-Uniform Day and Bring and Buy Cake Sale on Friday 12th July

Summer Fair with 10km run and 1km Fun Run on Saturday 13th July

Keep on collecting your coppers children - next big count up will be at the end of the summer term!

You can read all about upcoming events in both the School Council and P.T.A.'s Newsletters!

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