Post Lockdown Help

As we return to school, we realise that many of you will have been on an emotional rollercoaster over the last few months. Covid-19 and the UK lock-downs have completely changed our every-day lives.

Many parents have had to adjust to home-schooling, working from home and limiting their children’s time outdoors. For parents of children with additional needs, the difficulties may have been even greater. Some children may have adjusted well to learning at home, and may even have thrived with-out the additional stress of school and constant social interactions, other young people may have found this time incredibly difficult.

You are likely to have lots of different thoughts and emotions about your child returning to school, perhaps you will welcome the routine, or maybe you are anxious and worried that your child will struggle to cope.

These booklets are full of ideas to help you and your children copoe with the changes to routine and help with the transition to a post lock down school life.  We hope that you find them helpful. 

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