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At Archbishop Hutton’s, we want our pupils to have big ambitions and high expectations of themselves. We are an outward looking school, with a strong sense of our place in the local community and to that end we have created a curriculum that truly meets the needs of our children.

Our curriculum is driven by our children.  It is a rich, exciting and balanced curriculum which enables each child to develop academically, emotionally, creatively, socially and physically.

Our curriculum enables the children to share ideas, express their opinions and apply knowledge learned in a wide range of meaningful contexts. It offers opportunities for all children to investigate, question, debate and challenge.


Teaching follows a two year rolling programme (Long Term Curriculum Plan) alternating between the Curriculum Plans for Year A  and Year B. In this way, we ensure that all children are taught the full range of subjects in the National Curriculum learning the knowledge, understanding and skills expected within each specific subject. You can find out more by looking through the long term plan in addition to both the curriculum newsletters and medium term plans that teachers publish half-termly on their class pages.

Below, you can access Year A and Year B of our Curriculum. You can see how each subject area is covered and linked. Reception parents can also see their child's curriculum in more detail. The blue Curriculum Knowledge tab of our homepage will show the knowledge covered in each of our 12 themes. 

Please take time to read our Curriculum Vision Statement and visit the pages for each of our subjects.

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