New logo and uniform supplier for September 2019

New logo


Currently, there are three different logos used in school - the pentagon logo on the school uniform, the logo on the school letterhead and the shield logo used on the website and school documents. All the current school signs use different logos.

We want to have one logo that is used for all of these so there is a clear and consistent brand for the school.

We decided to change uniform supplier in order to provide parents with more options for purchasing school sweatshirts and P.E. tops in either local uniform shops or online, therefore it made sense to change the logo at the same time.


We chose the tree logo as it symbolises growth from the roots right up to the leaves and mirrors the learning journey children take from starting school with us in Reception to leaving in Year 6. The tree is reflective of the rural community the school is in. 

What next?

Sweatshirts and P.E. tops (the only uniform with the logo), book bags and P.E. bags with the new school logo are currently being made and will shortly be available. (For more details read below)

New school signage is being organised.

In September we will consult with children, parents and staff about a child-friendly motto that reflects our school.


New uniform supplier

As you are aware, from September we will have a new school logo and also a new supplier of school uniform – The Uniform & Leisurewear Company.  They are a local business based in Morecambe.

Uniform will no longer be available to purchase in school.  From now on uniform can be purchased at The Uniform & Leisurewear Company shops in Lancaster or Morecambe and online.  During term time, orders placed online can be delivered to school free of charge for you to collect. 

Here is the website link:-

School sweatshirts and P.E. tops are the only items of uniform with logo children are expected to wear.

Our uniform is currently being manufactured and should be in the shops by the beginning of August, however if you wanted to go in and try sizes before that the staff will assist you.  Your child will be able to try on another school’s sweatshirt, t-shirt, etc so that you know what size to go for. 

You will note there are no pictures attached to the items on the website, these will be available as soon as the items are ready.

Whilst we appreciate this is late in the day, we have pushed hard to make sure that the new supplier and logo are in place for September, as this is the time most parents buy new uniform.

We understand that not all parents need to purchase new uniform at this time so there will be a phasing in and out period. 

Children can wear either sweatshirts and P.E. tops with the old or new logo for this new academic year.

From September 2020 all children will be expected to wear the uniform with the new logo.

The Parents' Guide for 2019-2020 has been updated with information about the new uniform supplier. A copy of the new Parents' Guide is now available on the website. The relevant pages about 'What is the uniform and where can I buy it?' can be downloaded below.


Updated teams for September

We have reviewed and updated membership of our the four teams (Crag, Hutton, Senset and Washington) for September.

The motivation for updating teams is because the current teams are not evenly spread across each cohort and across the school.  Teams have been adjusted meaning that a small number of children have moved to a different team from September. Please note that the children have been involved in making the decision about who is moving to a new team. 

Here the updated list of team membership for September:



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