Keeping Your Child Safe In School

How do we keep your child safe in school?

Safeguarding our children is at the top of our agenda.

We work hard to keep our children safe during the school day by:

  • securing all gates, except the main entrance gate, during the school day
  • having staff on duty when children arrive at school, during playtime and lunchtime, when children leave school
  • clearly identiying staff when they are on duty as they wear high visibility jackets
  • regularly checking the school grounds for any potentially dangerous problems and addressing these
  • completing risk assessments for both regular and less regular activities
  • ensuring all staff complete safeguarding training at least once every academic year
  • having two trained safeguarding leads - Miss. Watson and Mr. Pugh are Designated School Leaders
  • following key systems to record and communicate safeguarding concerns
  • telling children who the trusted adults in school are and how to ask for help
  • having a clear behaviour policy that children and staff understand and follow
  • ensuring we have a team of trained first aiders
  • having first aid kits situated aroound school
  • communicating with parents when their child has been treated by a first aider
  • teaching children how to stay safe in a range of situations using our P.S.H.E. Curriculum Framework
  • inviting relevant professionals to work with children about how to stay safe in a range of situations e.g. police, swimming instructor, sports coach, school nurse


This is our P.S.H..E. Curriculum Framework. P.S.H.E. is Personal Social Health Education. Teaching is focused on three core areas - Health and Well-Being, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. One aspect of Health and Well-Being includes Keeping Safe.


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