Would your child know what to do in an emergency?

THE PARENTS of a child who saved her mother’s life by calling emergency services when she collapsed, have teamed up with the Police, Fire and Ambulance services to roll out In Case of Emergency (ICE) cards to schools across West Lancashire.

The Turner family; mum Michelle, dad John and their 5 year old daughter Maya, who moved to West Lancashire in August 2016,  initially created these cards in conjunction with Lincolnshire Police after Michelle fell ill suddenly at their home in North Hykeham in Lincoln.

Fortunately, a couple of months before, she had drawn a sketch of an ambulance and the number ‘999’ on a piece of paper which she left by the phone and it was as a result of this that Maya knew what to do and was able to call for help.

Afterwards, the family decided that they wanted to find a way to use Maya’s story to help educate other children about what to do in an emergency and created these cards with their local neighbourhood policing team in Lincolnshire.

They wanted to continue to spread the message after they moved to West Lancashire and so are now working with Sgt Craig Appleton and his team to roll this out to schools here.

Emergency services often find smaller children know their first name and maybe road name. It can take vital minutes for emergency operators to get further vital information.

The ICE card will help children to remember what number to ring and will be able to give their first and last name, the house number, road name and as importantly village or town.


Sgt Appleton said, “These cards are a fantastic idea and we are fortunate that our colleagues over in Lincolnshire have allowed us to replicate their designs for our children here in Lancashire.

Michelle added, “I’m so grateful to our amazing emergency services for coming on board and helping us get this life saving scheme off the ground. We are so proud of our little Maya, not only for how brave she was when she dialled 999 to save my life, but also because she really wants to make sure all her friends know what to do if they ever found themselves in a similar situation. I’m a very proud Mummy’’

Mark Wenman, Community Specialist Paramedic for North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), said: “Maya did amazingly by calling for an ambulance for her Mum when she was very poorly and it’s extremely important that as many children as possible are aware of what to do in an emergency.

“Having someone fall ill at home is a very distressing situation for anybody to be in, let alone a child, and therefore the introduction of these cards are a fantastic way of keeping children calm and reminding them of the steps that they need to take to ensure help can find them.”

Group Manager Tony Crook, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said, “Although it’s essential that when there’s a fire the first priority must be to get out of the building without delay if a safe means of escape is possible (Get out, stay out, dial 999), it is surely a good idea to enlist the help of youngsters to alert them to the importance of providing the right information if they are in the position of making a potentially lifesaving 999 call.”

You can download a copy of the ICE card here to fill in with your child so he/she does know what to do in case of an emergency.



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