What’s the weather like?

We have our own weather station. It lives on the roof and is linked to a monitor in the Computer Room.
The weather station was donated to school by the Landscape Trust.
They have three weather stations in the local area and use them to compare data.
This is the data for September 2017 from all three weather stations:
Sept 2017 summary Warton
Sept 2017 summary Arnside
Sept 2017 summary Heversham
September 2017 Barometric pressure
September 2017 Rainfall
September 2017 Sun
September 2017 Temperature
September 2017 Wind dir
September 2017 Wind speed 2017
This is the data for August 2017 from all three weather stations:
Aug 2017 Summary Warton
August 2017 Heversham summary
August 2017 Summary Arnside
August 2017 Pressure
August 2017 Rainfall
August 2017 Sun
August 2017 Temperature
August 2017 Wind dir
August 2017 Wind speed
You can find out more about the work of the Landscape Trust on their website.