Geography - A Sense of Place 2022 - 2023

Our first curriculum theme this year was our Geography based work exploring a sense of place. We explored elements of Human Geography and looked at how our villages, towns and countryside have been adapted by humans.

Class 1 did fieldwork in Warton and learnt all about road signs and what different buildings are used for. They made maps and found their houses on Google Earth. 

   IMG_0713.JPG IMG_5418.JPG


Class 2 thought about Warton and explored how Carnforth was bigger. They did field work and made tallys of the street furniture in Warton and Carnforth. They made bar charts to compare both places. They learnt about different types of houses and used maps to identify places they knew well and examine areas they had less knowledge off.


Class 3 went to Morcambe to explore the difference between a counrtyside town and a seaside resort. They looked at building use, development and tourism. They posed with Eric and even had an ice cream on the shore. 


  IMG_1006.JPG  IMG_0969.JPG

Class 4 went to the Lake District. They recapped their knowledge from their previous work on Warton and Morcambe and made predictions about the Lake District. They used OS and Google Mapping to identify features and explore routes.

They used apps to plan a journey and compare weather around Europe. They did field work in the Village of Staveley - looking at the similarities and differences between that village and our own. 



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