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No charge is levied on the educational element of activities wholly or mostly situated within official working sessions, except that the Governors reserve the right to charge for the board and lodging element of residential activities and resources deemed to be optional extras operating outside school hours, for example a cookery club.


Music Services: Instrumental music lessons are offered in school by Lancashire Music Service and parents are invoiced directly by them on a termly basis.


Some activities, optional or otherwise, are supported by voluntary contribution from parents or carers or other organisations such as the Parents’ Association in order to help with expenses, where the activities would not otherwise be viable. In these instances, parents will be advised of the average sum required per pupil but the children will not be treated differently depending on voluntary contributions. A decision will be made by the Headteacher whether specific activities can take place if insufficient voluntary contributions have been received.


Charges are made for school meals when pupils are in KS2. Costs should be paid weekly in advance, payable no later than Thursdays by 9.00 a.m. Parents are not entitled to accrue debt. After three weeks of non-payment parents may be required to provide their child with a packed lunch until the debt was paid. Credits will be given for missed meals if a child is off ill from school.


On occasion the Headteacher may consider the appropriate use of the school’s budget to support access to the full curriculum including residential trips for all pupils.